An Inspiring Introduction To Adventure Travel.

With Levison Wood captivating us, yet again, with his current documentary series, ‘From Russia to Iran’ we are left in awe at his incredible journeys and loudly applaud his exceptional travel achievements. Providing an attractive face for adventure travel, we salute his efforts in promoting a richer travel experience and discover the more luxurious routes available for a stepping, or cruising, into the world of experiential travel. Why not explore the world in style whilst visiting pristine wilderness, observing wondrous wildlife and taking in the sensational views? We’ve selected a just a few ideas for creating your own special journey…

Exploring The Levison Wood Adventure Story

Whilst his latest dramatic journey, from the shore of the Black Sea in Southern Russia, takes a dangerous path-less-travelled and is certainly not an expedition for the average luxury traveller, we cannot help but admire his daringly fresh approach to travel and become engaged by his courageous adventures on foot. Facing seemingly impossible mountain ranges, precarious weather and unpredictable locals, only seems to spur this accomplished adventurer on further, and we, the viewer, can simply watch with fascination as he battles fatigue and volatile borders.

A former officer in the Parachute Regiment, Levison Wood is clearly no stranger to danger, nor fearful of a challenge! Best-known for his year-long trek along the entire length of the River Nile in 2013, and accomplishing an expedition-first by walking the complete length of the Himalayas, this young, and annoyingly talented, writer, photographer and film-maker, is every bit the dynamic, modern-day adventurer sitting beside a wealth of explorer talent. A critically acclaimed British explorer, with bestselling books and successful documentaries already under his travel belt, Levison has an appetite for extraordinary physical and visual feats. Filmed largely by himself, the stunning scenery and punishing terrain is authentically captured, offering us a refreshingly raw insight into remote and perilous landscapes.

Along with battling the physical challenges of altitude sickness, at 5,000 metres in the Himalayas, which pushes Levison to his physical limits, he intrigues us with the stories of local people along the way. From monks, local guides and nomadic tribes, to integrating with the local way of life through yak-herding with the Wakhi Tribe, eating sheep eyeballs and meeting local Shamans – there are plenty of colourful moments along the way. Having started in Afghanistan and trekked the 1,700 gruelling miles across the ‘roof of the world’, Levison took an astounding four-million steps to bring to our screens a striking visual piece of adventure journalism.

Tibetan Flags at Annapurna Base Camp
Tibetan Flags at Annapurna Base Camp

Creating A Journey

Inspiring viewers to step up, step forward and take steps to create their own personal adventure is a wonderful by-product of Levison’s walking series. It is little surprise that the scenic landscapes and expert videography encourage travellers to embark on their own travel odyssey, special journey, or personal challenge. During Levison’s previous expeditions — such as walking the length of the Nile, trekking The Americas and traversing the mighty Himalayas — there has always been a spectacular backdrop to marvel and captivating culture to appreciate. Whether you are seeking a physical challenge, or simply wish to fulfil a bucket list dream, there are bespoke options available to suit every aspiration and travel dream — from cycling and photography tours, to mountain climbs, wildlife encounters and Arctic explorations.

Rare white yak with Himalaya mountain range at the background
Rare White Yak with the Himalaya mountain range in the background

Bespoke Expeditions

From innovative, cutting-edge, space travel by Virgin Galactic, to The Adventure Boutique’s collection of luxury group expeditions, designed by specialist Dr Raj Joshi, there are stunning wildlife encounters, challenging climbs, and a bounty of cultural journeys to whet your travel appetite. So, whether you’ve always wished to experience a photographer’s adventure in Morocco, sought to embark upon a trek through the Amazon rainforest, wished to see Gorilla’s in Rwanda, or take the ultimate challenge by climbing to Everest Base Camp, there is something unique to appeal to every would-be adventurer. The call of the open road is another classic type of travel adventure and there are a number of road trips to steer people from the coastal roads of America, through to the picturesque countryside and beautiful cities of Italy — within a classic red Ferrari of course!

The Ranch At Rock Creek
The Ranch At Rock Creek

Cultural Experiences

Those keen to enjoy a more holistic experience — a physical, cultural and spiritual journey — may wish to discover the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu with The Adventure Boutique’s Machu Picchu — The Incan Empire Adventure, while those seeking to trek to the roof of Africa are guaranteed a scenic spectacle with their Kilimanjaro expedition. For culture enthusiasts, The Maasai Way — Cultural Adventures At Their Best provides an emotive insight into the nomadic life of the colourful Maasai tribe in Kenya. Similarly, Aman Resorts includes a fascinating cultural trip through Asia with their ‘Past & Present‘ journey. Whichever adventure you choose, there is little doubt that each traveller is assured of a memorable — if not life-changing — and significantly rewarding journey.

Monks In Traditional Dress, Amanfayun
Tea House at Amanfayun

Adventures By Luxury Rail

Of course, an exceptional journey does not necessarily need to be a challenging one — for those less mobile, or those simply wishing to enjoy an extraordinary experience with minimal effort, there are a plethora of luxurious options to discover when you step on board a luxury train. A leisurely train journey in bygone style with Rovos Rail – through the changing landscape of South Africa – is a lovely way to elegantly traverse from Johannesburg to Cape Town — just as the Eastern & Oriental Express train provides a seamless cultural journey from Singapore to vibrant Bangkok. Whether it is north to south, or east to west, there are luxury rail adventures in India (Maharajas Express), Australia (the Ghan), Peru (Belmond Andean Explorer) and Canada (The Rocky Mountaineer) that can entice clients on board to savour a cultural feast from the sumptuous surroundings of their luxurious cabin. What better way is there to explore a continent, plus cover great distances, than by rail? Especially since most of these rail journeys provide tailored excursion stops, too.

A Voyage To Remember

Providing an equally luxurious, yet understated journey at sea, the Silversea Explorer ship has been expertly designed to navigate the icy polar regions and is ideal for those with an adventurous side. Similarly, Scenic Ocean Cruises has expanded from river cruises to venture into the popular world of ocean cruising with their latest Discovery Yacht. Continuing with their commitment to six-star, all-inclusive, luxury, the inaugural Scenic Eclipse is due to set sail in 2018 and will boast a raft of truly unique encounters and innovative shore excursions via Zodiac, kayak, snow-shoe or e-bike. Providing a new opportunity for the adventurous cruise-lover, the new yacht opens up a spectacular new world for exploration — from the Antarctic continent, to icy Greenland and the Norwegian fjords.

Silversea_Silver Galapagos Ship
Silversea’s Silver Galapagos Ship

The Ultimate Journey By Private Jet

Perhaps offering the ultimate in seamless luxury travel, the private jet journeys provided by TCS World Travel — the first private jet expedition company — incorporate once-in-a-lifetime experiences across incredible global destinations. Its collection of engaging travel itineraries visits forgotten civilisations and incorporates an array of cultural activities across multiple destinations, with expert guides included throughout. Incorporating specialist adventures, the dedicated Four Seasons Private Jet Experiences and Around The World Classic journey, there are remarkable destinations, iconic palaces and stunning natural wonders to appeal to every interest.

TCS Private Jet Journeys
TCS World Travel Private Jet

Revisiting The Himalayas In Style

For those wishing to taste a little of what Levison encountered, perhaps the easiest route might be the stunning scenery and serenity of the foothills of the Himalayas. A stay at the luxurious Ananda In The Himalayas provides a most attractive experience. This destination spa retreat offers a selection of rewarding hiking and soft adventure pursuits, in addition to traditional Ayurvedic medicine, meditation and yoga — all without the level of danger and intensity encountered by Levison! Located close to the spiritual town of Rishikesh, guests can visit the holy River Ganges, watch local religious ceremonies by candlelight, or trek to see the spectacular snow-capped Himalayan Ranges and observe incredible wildlife — from birds of prey to wild leopards. Visitors are simply spoilt with an abundance of cultural, wildlife and spiritual activities available — such as remote safari adventures, white-water rafting, playing golf at the six-hole golf course, or enrolling on an extensive healing programmes — not to mention incredible views!

Savouring The Journey

So, whether you ache to take up a real challenge in 2017 or 2018, or simply wish to combine a wilderness experience with a little relaxation time in an incredible location, our team of expert Travel Consultants can create an immersive trip or all-out travel odyssey. From dramatic deserts landscapes and vibrant, bustling cities, to the clean-air and breathtaking scenery of the mighty Himalayas, adventurous travel can unveil mesmerising natural beauty and proves an infinitely rewarding experience. Whether you travel with a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage or a simple backpack, now is the time to get packing and set off on an engaging adventure.

Feeling Inspired?

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