With 2018 declared as the ‘Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation’ in the Caribbean, there is no better time to work on your wellbeing with a luxury yoga retreat in Antigua…

Hidden away on the southern shore of Antigua, you’ll find the classic Caribbean retreat of Carlisle Bay. This small slice of paradise is laid-back and secluded, making it easy to forget the outside world for a while, but still encapsulates a flourishing sense of adventure, with activities to ensure you relish in your glorious Caribbean setting.

Making the most of its perfectly peaceful location, this year sees the resort host a week-long yoga retreat, ‘A Journey through the Elements’. With a firm focus on guest’s health, harmony and happiness, Carlisle Bay is helping guests to embrace a wholesome holiday in the Caribbean, whilst still luxuriating in a stylish stay, with fabulous fine dining and unrivalled beachfront beauty.

Luxury Yoga Retreat

Led by the authentic voice of yoga instructor, Tanja Mickwitz, the retreat will take guests on a journey inspired by Panchamahabhutas – the five great elements. Mornings will begin with an invigorating start, with dynamic sessions including Vinyasa practice and Creative Flow, whilst you can take the afternoon at a leisurely pace with meditation and yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation) to soothe and restore mind and body.

The Five Great Elements

EARTH – Foundation, security and stability
WATER – Adaptability, flexibility and creativity
FIRE – Power, strength and vitality
AIR – Communication, connection and integration
SPACE – Listening, expression and authenticity


But this luxury wellness break isn’t just about yoga. The week incorporates a selection of adventurous activities which allow you to explore Antigua’s boundless landscapes (including 365 beautiful beaches!) as you desire. From horse-riding treks to helicopter rides, there’s plenty of time for soaking up the island’s beauty with your newly found sense of serenity.

Performing yoga overlooking Carlisle Bay
Yoga at Carlisle Bay

Enhancing Spa Experiences

There’s always time for just a little more relaxation. The Blue Spa at Carlisle Bay will treat you to a series of rejuvenating rituals, massages and beauty treatments, complemented by a gentle breeze through the plantation shutters. Begin with a personalised consultation to decide your treatments, before letting hand-harvested organic seaweed and aromatic essential oils stimulate your senses. Indulge in an illuminating facial, body scrub or massage; the perfect final addition to a week of luxury wellness in Antigua.

Feeling Inspired?

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