Far away from the usual children’s clubs and playgrounds, Aman deliver authentic experiences and striking natural settings for a unique luxury family holiday…

With their hotels and resorts meticulously designed to frame the unrivalled natural beauty of their location, Aman aims to immerse every guest in their destination’s culture, with sentimental adventures and bespoke experiences that will transform into everlasting memories for adults and children alike.

From tranquil junior yoga sessions and adventurous archaeological excursions, to the special bonds formed with Aman’s attentive staff – from nurturing nannies to friendly chefs – young travellers will never forget their luxury holiday to Aman.

We spoke to Astrid Killian, General Manager at Amansara in Cambodia. A mother herself, Astrid understands the importance of reintroducing nature into children’s lives and taking time to reconnect as a family on a luxury holiday. Speaking exclusively to Elegant Resorts, she reveals her once-in-a-lifetime experiences alongside her son, Max.

Astrid Killian, Amansara

Just before dawn, in blissful solitude, holding my little one’s hand down a secret forest path, appeared the majestic Khmer legacy of Angkor Wat. While this discovery will remain one of my most powerful and emotional experiences to date, I have learnt over my two-year journey in Cambodia that my young explorer undoubtedly prefers the adventurous or mysterious excitement over emotive architectural meanderings.

As we headed out to visit Ta Nei, a hidden jungle temple, we came to a point along the dirt road in the forest where it split into two paths; our guide, whom I learnt to adore very soon after this episode, chose to refrain from indicating to our driver which direction our jeep should take. Instead, he embarked on a lively explanation with my son Max, wide-eyed and youthfully alert, that rare gibbons – easily spotted swinging through the jungle vines – lay at the very end of the left path. However, we were set to turn right to see a temple!

From wide-eyed wonder to predictably laden with tears, my son’s eyes reflected his disappointment. While I instantly shifted the situation so that we would head straight to the monkeys, I then realised the exciting mission awaiting us – the opportunity to re-envision our experiences through the eyes of our younger guests. I have since ventured to many places on Sundays in one of Amansara’s vintage jeeps, or by mountain bike with my boy, who is usually a tad too enthusiastic about online games.

My biggest reward – and proof of my conviction that possibilities are infinite – came in the evenings upon our return home. I would ask him which experience from our day’s adventures had been his favourite. I would follow this up by asking which experience he liked least. Time and time again, I would receive a similar answer: “None mum, I liked them all!”

This was almost a miracle statement coming from a young gentleman who was not easy-to-please, not to mention a serious achievement for his dear mother! I have learnt a great deal from my discovery trips with Max and have since curated numerous Angkor adventures, just by following my motherly instinct and watching the wonderment of my son unfold.

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