Why should you plan your luxury Costa Rica holidays? From the stunning wildlife and myriad adventures, to the world-famous coffee and beautiful beaches, Katrin and Catalina, our partners in Costa Rica, fill us in…

Costa Rica boasts some pretty unbelievable facts. It’s so stable, it has no army. It’s so happy, it was named as the best place to live in the world. And, it’s so beautiful, it is home to 5% of the world’s wildlife species.

Costa Rica is one of the latest destinations added to the Elegant Resorts portfolio. We are working with experts on the ground, who have the passion and knowledge that we know can make every luxury holiday to Costa Rica true magic. We spoke with the women at the helm, Katrin Von Enden and Catalina Herrera, to see why luxury Costa Rica holidays are the hottest ticket right now…

Costa Rica Holidays: What the Experts Say

What made you fall in love with Costa Rica?

Catalina: I grew up on a coffee farm in Costa Rica and have always enjoyed a deep bond with the heart of the country I call home.

Katrin: I fell in love with the diversity and vibrant culture of Costa Rica during my first visit, but I love how something new always reveals itself to me, such as how the jungle stretches out onto the beach, encapsulating a special, raw kind of beauty.

Costa Rica holidays with Travel Pioneers
Katrin, Catalina and their team

Costa Rica holidays are perfect for wildlife-lovers. What has been your most memorable wildlife encounter?

The magic of seeing turtles nesting in Tortuguero was pretty memorable for both of us. We also once spotted an alligator with a snake wrapped around its body in Corcovado National Park – it was an unusual sight and really made us feel like explorers in the wild!

It’s also great for adventure! What are the must-do action experiences when in Costa Rica?

There is so much to do in Costa Rica! We love taking surf trips along the chilled-out oceanfront towns and hiking to the hot springs, though I would also always recommend learning about the volcanoes, zip lining over jungle terrain, rafting and snorkelling – the options really are endless! It also depends on your energy levels – you can take a casual walk to just feel captivated by the beauty of your surroundings, or give yourself a total work out and end up on top of a mountain or riding a big wave!

“You can take a casual walk to just feel captivated by the beauty of your surroundings or give yourself a total work out and end up on top of a mountain or riding a big wave!”

– Catalina

There are some wonderful beaches in Costa Rica. Which one is your favourite?

From remote white-sand beaches, to hot local spots with live music, there are so many different vibes to enjoy. We love Nosara for a laid-back option, north Guanacaste for the idyllic white-sand experience and like to head south for more of a jungle setting.

Costa Rica has a diverse landscape of rainforest, volcanoes and much more. What sort of natural displays can we expect to see?

Costa Rica is home to some of the most ecologically diverse land in the world. Some of our favourite creatures you may spot include sloths and Green Macaws. The Caribbean coastline is famous for its easy-to-spot coral reefs lying just off the beach, where more than 500 species of fish live in the water.       

 How can families enjoy Costa Rica holidays?

Costa Rica offers itself to every imagination! Rainforest and jungle adventures, waterfalls and oceanscapes all make up a big, natural playground for the whole family. We know the best spots to hang with wildlife, go surfing, or, for the curious traveller, find small mountain towns and coffee plantations to tour cultural elements.

Costa Rica is a top honeymoon destination. How can couples get romantic on their journey?

After the craze of wedding planning, Costa Rica is an ideal spot to unwind. Here, you can sleep surrounded by nature in your treetop bungalow and be lulled by the sounds of the water or jungle, all in the luxury of beautifully designed architecture. The constant connection to the tranquillity of nature is sure to calm every nerve, leaving room for adventure, relaxation and total enjoyment. Many of our recommended spots are so remote that couples can enjoy classic romantic walks on the beach in relative solitude, feeling as if the painterly sunsets were made just for them. It’s romantic bliss!

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Where would you say are the most essential stops on a journey across Costa Rica?

Cahuita National Park, located in the Limon Province. We love it for how calm and intrigued we felt while exploring here. Rafting to Pacuare Lodge and being immersed in the wildlife of the Osa Peninsula is an absolute must-do on Costa Rica holidays, too.

Costa Rica is famed worldwide for its coffee. How can we get a taste during our visit?

Well, no matter where you go, you’ll likely encounter delicious coffee! Be sure to bring some home, too. Your loved ones will thank you!

Can you tell us about your work with Coffee Kids?

We feel it is important for us to understand the whole scope of a project if we, as a company based in Costa Rica, decide to support it. In Colombia, Katrin met with many inspiring youth and spent time visiting the farms to learn about the daily work and mentality of entrepreneurship central to these communities. We know how important it is to feel someone by your side during the inevitable obstacles of growing a business or securing a livelihood. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with coffee-farming communities – because we believe offering our whole selves fosters a strong connection.

“When we craft experiences, we ensure we partner with places that value sustainability…people value the beauty of the area and work to protect it”

– Katrin

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse destinations in the world. Can you tell us about its sustainability measures and how we can help during our holiday there?

Outside of being a responsible traveller – you know, showing respect, being curious, all that good stuff – you can leave the heavy lifting up to us on this front. When we craft experiences, we ensure we partner with places that value sustainability. I think you especially see this in the local food and the ways that care for environment are already built into the culture; people value the beauty of the area and work to protect it.

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