Rosewood Mayakoba is blessed with one of the most stunning settings in Mexico. With admirers including Jessica Alba and Iris Apfel, its stylish rooms make up much of the appeal. However, it is the beauty of the beach that is the true gem…

Inspired by Mayan traditions, the beautifully built oasis of Rosewood Mayakoba not only offers a five-star hideaway, but also prides itself on its commitment to preserve its breathtaking surroundings, including its stretch of pristine white sands. Read on to find out what is new on the beach of Rosewood Mayakoba.

An Epicurean Fiesta

The latest addition to the resort’s beachfront offering is the perfect way to kick back and immerse yourself in this picture-perfect setting. Named Aquí Me Quedo, meaning ‘here I stay’, this new gastronomic hideaway offers a cheerful spot to take in the magnificent ocean views and savour the flavours of the sea. With a laid-back Caribbean-coastal vibe, the menu serves a variety of tempting delicacies, from chilled coconut cocktails, to citrus-laced ceviche and charcoal-grilled Veracruz memelas.

All dining experiences at Rosewood Mayakoba are inspired by a different aspect of Mexico’s gastronomic journey, and Aquí Me Quedo is no different. Taking a cue from the relaxed retro vibe of the beachside cantinas found along Mexico’s Caribbean-coast, its freshly-made fare is cooked in a vintage retro-fitted truck, offering tableside service and lounge-style seating underneath a canopy of palm trees for the ultimate lazy siesta or epicurean fiesta!

Restoring the Reef

As you kick back in the sand and watch the sea lap the shore, you may be wondering what is going on beneath the surface of the water. While this beachside bliss may seem to last forever, the conservation team report that, following dual hurricanes that hit the area from 2005, Rosewood Mayakoba has been losing around 15-feet of sand every year.

This is not a local problem, but a global symptom of changes in climate around the world. To tackle this problem, Rosewood Mayakoba has invested $13 million into restoring over 30 metres of the beach and has set out a sustainable long-term project to help protect the coral reef that lies off its shores.


As warmer waters contribute to coral bleaching, once-vibrant marine habitats lose their colour and their ability to protect the marine-life that call it home. Rosewood Mayakoba is acting to help halt this process by building an artificial reef, transplanting fragments of live baby coral onto concrete grids, where it is hoped they will link up together and be restored to their former glory.

A Natural Playground

While its threats may seem to strike a serious note, Riviera Maya is still to be enjoyed! The sea continues to thrive with marine-life and scuba-divers will be elated to dive into the crystal-clear waters to explore what lies beneath. You can also snorkel in the beautiful eco-park through some of the clearest and calmest waters in the Riviera Maya.

On land, you should head out to the Ruins of Coba. Dating back 1,500 years, this archaeological site is hidden in the rainforest, where you will need to bike through the old temples and swathes of vegetation before stumbling upon the ancient Mayan ceremonial centre of Coba. You can even swim in the underground cave and marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites as you explore the sparkling waters.

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