When it comes to culture at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, children can immerse themselves just as much as grown ups. Fill every day of their travels with a new enriching experience, whether it’s helping the local farmers or creating their own artistic masterpiece.

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Krathong Making

Transforming art and crafts into an enriching experience, kids can learn more about the spirituality of Thai festivals, along with the traditional art of making krathongs; a floating sculpture made from banana leaves and decorated with flowers, incense sticks and candles. Once they have finalised their masterpieces, children will join local farmers for their musical evening parade which passes through the resort, before they release their carefully crafted krathongs to float across the pond, providing a magical sight for every generation as the candles peacefully flicker in the darkness.

Muay Thai

Perfect for kids with a kick, the traditional Thai martial art of Muay Tai helps young guests put their energy to good use, while also teaching the value of fitness, discipline and respect. The resort’s resident trainer teaches the sport in a safe and controlled setting, introducing stretching techniques and methods to help control body and mind during the practice. For families with a fighting spirit, Muay Thai is the ideal way to experience the authenticity of Thai sport, while also feeling the heat of a challenging Asian workout.

Batik Painting

Promising to light up the inquisitive imaginations of creative children, Batik is a historic art used in oriental textiles to showcase bright and colourful patterns to create eye-catching garments. After choosing a pattern and preparing their colours, kids will paint their very own handkerchief or scarf using the traditional art form, with the help of the Gecko Kids’ Club team. After it has been dried, washed and ironed, little ones can take home their precious souvenir and cherish their irreplaceable Thai treasure.

Cooking Classes

At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai’s Rim Tai Kitchen, little chefs can perfect their cooking skills with the help of world-class experts. From choosing fresh ingredients and spices, to conjuring up the ultimate Thai feast, the whole family can join in the fun of creating a culinary masterpiece. Once you have unlocked the secrets of traditional cooking in northern Thailand, kids can take their newly found passion for food back home and recreate their delicious delicacies (with help from an adult, of course) for the ultimate family feast.

Rice Planting

Dressed head-to-toe in traditional Mor Hom attire, your youngsters will become Thailand’s littlest farmers as they embrace the culture of the north and join locals to learn more about the age-old tradition of rice planting. Led by the dedicated Gecko Kids’ Club team, children will venture through the fields learning how rice is grown, along with more about the varieties and their benefits. They’ll also plant their very own rice sprouts, where they’ll love splashing in the paddies, followed by a visit to meet the resort’s famous resident water buffalo – named Tong, meaning “gold” in Thai – who can be found happily munching grass in the warm sun.

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