Aman Celebrates A Sophisticated Brand Style All Of Its Own…

Serene surroundings, tailored service and bespoke touring come very much as standard with Aman Hotels & Resorts, and is something which can become travel-addictive. So-called ‘Aman-junkies’ are those loyal Aman clients who visit three, or more, of the properties set within the impressive Aman portfolio.

Flocking to each new opening, these well-travelled, well-heeled, culture-appreciating clients are a niche breed of traveller who seek substance and sentiment over lavish or decadent trimmings. With more than thirty unique and boutique gems in twenty countries to choose from, discovering your perfect Aman is an enlightening treasure trail. Below, we feature a few Aman hotels and resorts from across the globe, to whet your sophisticated travel appetite. With Aman, guests celebrate the understated, immersing themselves in a rich brand culture that sets it apart from other luxury hotel groups — prepare yourself for a memorable and experiential stay.

Aman’s Flagship Hotel, Amanpuri In Thailand

Flagship Property, Amanpuri
Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

Beautifully in-tune with their surroundings, each stunning property resonates a calm and serene ambience with an intelligent regional interpretation. The very name ‘Aman’ derives from the Sanskrit for ‘peace’ and most hotels boast less than fifty guest rooms. Having expanded far beyond its flagship Amanpuri property, ensconced within the coconut palm trees of Phuket in Thailand and celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018, the brand’s Asian roots have drifted, most recently, to Europe and to the heart of vibrant Venice. Proving their skill at re-purposing grand old buildings (often colonial schools, hospitals or historic treasures), each property provides an interesting ‘re-invention’, yet diligently maintains its enduring Aman DNA.

Culture, History And Temples With Aman Resorts

From culturally rich journeys to Amankora, where guests can stay within five lodges, set amid Himalayan peaks, glacial valleys and evergreen forests, within the Kingdom of Bhutan, to the beauty of UNESCO-protected Luang Prabang and Amantaka in Laos, or the serene collection of Aman’s Indonesian properties, such as Amankila, to the classic grandeur of Amanzoe in Greece, or the blissful beach retreat of Amanyara in Turks & Caicos, there really is an Aman to suit every destination. Very much like a fine wine fine, each Aman property has a depth of flavour that deserves to be appreciated.

Amantaka, Laos
Amantaka in Laos

Active Luxury With Aman

Whether you wish to play golf at Amanera in Playa Grande, Dominican Republic, sample the active outdoor lifestyle in Wyoming at Amangani, retreat to the remote beauty of Nui Chua National Park in Vietnam at Amanoi, or tiger-spot in Ranthambore National Park while staying at Aman-i-Khas in India, there is a perfectly placed Aman abode to welcome you. No matter where the location, you can be assured of superlative service with a true ‘sense of place’. Each property works closely with its local community, utilising local skills, expert native guides and authentic ingredients. From locally grown produce used within the delicious cuisine, to the locally inspired ingredients for the sublime spa products, there is always a genuine connection with the destination.

Amera, Casita Terrace and Pool, Dominican Republic
Amanera in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Explore Destinations With Aman Journeys

Aman also now offer sublime cruises, aboard both river and sea vessels, not to mention dedicated Aman Journeys, so it is easier than ever to combine your stays and to create a seamless Aman experience across multiple properties and destinations. Indonesia is a classic success story, with guests able to experience a variety of islands, plus beach and jungle settings. From popular and established Aman haunts in Bali — such as Amanusa, in Nusa Dua, Amankila in Manggis, and Amandari in Ubud — to the splendour of Borobudur in Central Java and Amanjiwo located on the Kedu Plain, ringed by four dormant volcanoes, or the luxury tents of Amanwana, on Moyo Island, there is a wealth of culture to discover. For those wishing to explore Indonesia via the water, Aman offer expeditions aboard their two-masted teak Phinisi called Amandira, or custom-built five-berth cruiser, Amanikan. These exclusive five-night stays on board Komodo and Raja Ampat Expeditions are particularly ideal for keen scuba-diving enthusiasts, as they offer access and excursions to pristine and secluded national parks.

Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia
Borobudur in Java, Indonesia

Experience Sri Lanka In Aman Style

Flavour of the moment, Sri Lanka’s Amangalla in Galle and Amanwella in Tangalle offer guests an elegant, colonial-era, stay within the ramparts of Galle’s UNESCO-protected fort, combined with a contrasting stay overlooking the golden sands of Sri Lanka’s south coast. Following guided walks, architectural tours and excursion to tea plantations, rainforests and temples around Galle, guests will welcome some relaxing time by the coast. Staying within the modernist suites with private pools, they can indulge within the spa and enjoy yoga beside the beach, before touring local fishing villages or turtle-watching (from November to April). A journey with Aman is certainly a sophisticated one, as Aman provides an exclusive, club-like experience that sets it apart from all other luxury hotel brands. Blissful spas, tailored service, cultural insights, community projects and serene spaces all come very much as standard.

Amanwella in Sri Lanka. Credit: Marco Coppola, Karolina Valeikaite – @Gypseetravel

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