We think we have found the world’s best gin.

Created out of South Africa’s unique Cape Wineland botanicals, Geometric Gin and Symmetry Botanical Tonics is set to make waves in the gin scene. Working with the team behind the renowned Leeu Estates and Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines, fellow wine expert, Jean-Baptiste Cristini, has turned flora and fauna into a seriously good tipple.

Looking Back…

Going back to gin’s humble beginnings, there is no doubt that this once herbal remedy from the Middle Ages is enjoying a moment right now. Originally a pharmaceutical, it wasn’t long before gin drinking in England soared in popularity, with over half of drinking establishments in London being gin shops. This lead to a somewhat deadly ‘gin craze’, which eventually had to be reigned in by regulated licensing laws.

Since these cruder days, when bottles were sometimes flavoured with turpentine, Gin production has been revolutionised. Now a favourite of liquor connoisseurs, the once simple flavour of juniper berries has exploded into complex notes of fruits and spices, with top-secret distilling processes. And, far from its Medieval days when it was seen as the root of working class civil disobedience, it is now beloved at trendy bars across the world, all competing to serve the world’s best gin.

Geometric Gin and Symmetry Botanical Tonics

South Africa has long held the claim of being one of the world’s best wine regions. However, wine had better watch out. Co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Cristini, along with wine producers, Andrea and Chris Mullineux, and Analjit Singh, the brains behind the luxury hotel group, Leeu Collection, Geometric Gin and Symmetry Botanical Tonics is hot on the heels of viniculture.

Jean-Baptiste Cristini of Geometric Gin
Jean-Baptiste Cristini

After spending a decade exploring his passion for wine-making in Chablis and Epernay, Jean-Baptiste Cristini returned to his home of South Africa, and was inspired by the Cape’s floral kingdom to produce his own craft gin that has a true sense of place. Named after the Geometric Tortoise that survives in small populations among the fynbos of the Western Cape, Geometric Gin features finely tuned blends underpinned by sustainably sourced indigenous botanicals, citrus and cardamom.

For Jean-Baptiste and Geometric Gin, the preparation is an essential part of the show. The accompanying selection of tonics can make a simple, yet divine, gin and tonic, while the layers of flavours can also create complex gin cocktails.

Leeu Estates

Backed by Analjit Singh, Geometric Gin and Symmetry Botanical Tonics is in good company. As the owner of the beautiful Leeu Estates, Analjit has the perfect background in creating luxurious boutique experiences. After falling in love with the valley of Franschhoek, he later teamed up with award-winning wine makers, Chris and Andrea Mullineux, to create Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines. Now, guests can visit the Wine Studio and taste the produce of this breathtaking location.

Leeu Estates
Leeu Estates

Geometric Gin Cocktail Recipe

Jean-Baptiste Cristini shares with us how to make the best gin cocktail…

Floral GG&T

50ml Geometric Gin
50ml Symmetry Floral Tonic
Carbonated spring water
Star anis and wild edible flower garnish

“The sour fig flower decorates beautifully, while the star anis garnish brings a touch of menthol freshness to the pungent floral aromas of lavender, chamomile and Pelargonium Capitum, which characterize the Symmetry Botanical Tonic.

Our lavender is lavendula x intermedia, a hybrid developed in South Africa for its culinary versatility.

Pelargonium Capitum is a wild plant, indigenous to the Western Cape and known for its beautiful musky rose-like scent.”

Gin and Tonic Cocktail - Geometric Gin

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