Many travel to Provence in search of fragrant lavender fields, rolling vineyards and peaceful outdoor pursuits, but with France hosting their first Ryder Cup tournament, you may be looking to ‘putt’ the focus on golf for your next luxury holiday…

Surrounded by rolling valleys and majestic mountains, Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort lies at the heart of picturesque Provence. As well as beautiful villas, Michelin-star dining and a world-class spa, the resort boasts two golf courses designed by renowned course architect, Dave Thomas. It’s truly a golf lovers paradise, with courses boasting spectacular water features and hilly ravines across an immaculate green landscape.

Our Head of Product & Commercial, Matt Vlemmiks, travelled to the world-class resort for a
first-hand insight and a lesson with the pros…

For the casual, one-Sunday-a-month golfer, a private session with one of the European Tour’s leading swing and biomechanics gurus is a daunting prospect. At the resort’s Albatross Golf Centre, this is just what’s on the menu for golfing guests. The David Leadbetter Golf Academy provides conventional lessons for golfers of all ages and abilities, but my first port of call was a consultation with Jean Jacques Rivet at his Biomechanics Swing Centre.

In addition to working closely with the likes of rising French star Alex Levy and American Ryder Cup player, Matt Kuchar, Jean Jacques Rivet has improved the games of novices who can barely make it off the tee box.

Through a combination of multiple cameras, physical assessments, nutritional advice and ball flight tracking, Jean Jacques’ team are able to analyse close to everything about your body, and how it contributes to the golf swing. This may sound a little much for golfers who still regard breaking 100 as an achievement, but after just one session, I was given so much advice on my alignment, rotation, posture and bad exercise habits that I am expecting visible improvements over my next 18-holes. I can only imagine the benefits on offer for those staying for a week or longer at Terre Blanche!

The resort’s two, renowned courses are immaculate – from the rolling, subtle contours of the Riou Course, to the longer, American-styled water hazards and uniquely shaped bunkers of the Chateau course. There is so much to recommend at Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, from an award-winning spa to an innovative Kids’ Club, as well as the exceptional food and wine that you would expect in Provence. But for me, it’s mainly about the golf, and as I leave the resort, I’m hopeful I will be back one day to impress Jean Jacques with my revolutionary improvements!

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