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Lefay Resort & SPA Lago Di Garda is an unexpected oasis of calm in the heart of Gargnano’s Riviera dei Limoni. Perched among olive trees and above sparkling waters, the resort is a perfect mixture of Mediterranean relaxation and Eastern wellness, working harmoniously with the surroundings to provide an experience that nourishes the mind, body, and soul with a luxury spa experience.

Resetting personal equilibrium

Balance is vital to holistic health, which is why the LeFay Spa Scientific Committee follow a unique luxury wellness method where East and West are united. From Western research, it harnesses modern analysis of the ageing process, stress, emotional health, posture and nutrition. Drawing on traditional Chinese medicine, it uses age-old diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to bring matter, energy and spirit back into line.

The key goal is complete, personal rejuvenation. After an insightful one-to-one assessment, individuals embark on their own bespoke path to wellness and healthier living, that offers a blend of tailored massages focused on specific points and meridians, stimulating facial treatments, reviving physical activities, and sensory rituals. When combined with the extensive array of on-site pools, fitness facilities and relaxation areas, the end result is a deep equilibrium that delivers lasting peace and energy.

Respecting the natural environment

Nature at the Largo de Garda Spa is much more than simply a beautiful backdrop; it’s something to be protected. In addition to tending eleven hectares of woodlands, open parkland and natural terraces with a carefully light hand, the resort strives to limit its environmental impact. Not only is the complex itself integrated with the morphology of the landscape — mirroring nearby lemon groves and constructed of local stone, and wood — but it is also powered by sustainable sources. Biomass, co-generation and solar panels drive heating, cooling and electricity, while water consumption is kept low by harvesting rainwater and maximising efficient usage for laundry.

In the kitchen, ingredients are fresh and local. Seasonal produce, regional herbs and fruits make up a nutritional, high quality menu with a minimal carbon footprint. The unmitigated star of the show is the olive. Renowned for its organoleptic properties and produced by Lefay’s farms in Lake Garda and in Tuscany, olive oil is crucial to the resort’s gourmet philosophy and emphasis on wellness fuelled by nature.

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