In Part Two of our exclusive interview with Dr. Raj Joshi, we learn more about his formative childhood years and discover where his journey into adventure travel all began…

With one of his earliest childhood memories that of climbing Mt. Snowdon, and some of his fondest memories of walks and treks with his parents in North Wales, there is little surprise that Dr, Raj adopted his parents’ passion for exploring — albeit at an astonishingly early age! The rugged Welsh landscape provided a challenging scene of hills and forests and proved a formidable playground, plus ideal nursery, for the future global adventurer.

Having spent years honing his skills within the British Military — working within war zones and hostile environments throughout the world — he is clearly no stranger to danger, nor is he afraid of a challenge! Today, it’s his daring clients and adventurous celebrities who benefit from this formidable experience, plus considerable expertise. As both a doctor and an expedition leader, he provides a wealth of advice, reassurance and encouragement along any route — with his calm and amiable manner keeping travellers along the right path, both mentally and physically!

It is through supporting and inspiring his clients throughout their journey, that now drives Dr. Raj. Having already visited every continent, he personally has no burning travel ambitions left to fulfil, so instead he aims to help others achieve their goals — whilst re-visiting places of beauty and witnessing destinations in more detail. With an exciting portfolio of adventure travel encompassing climbing Kilimanjaro, witnessing the Maasai culture, gorilla & wildlife photography, Swiss revitalisation and Machu Picchu, there are few continental boundaries left for him push — yet plenty to inspire any aspiring amateur adventurer.

Adventure Travel With Dr. Raj

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