With Elegant Resorts celebrating its 30th year of creating the finest luxury holidays, we thought it would be a good time to celebrate our longstanding relationships with some of the world’s best luxury hotels, starting with the new look One&Only Le Saint Géran.

The re-opening of the legendary Mauritius address has caused much fanfare, and we have made no secret of our excitement. In fact, we ensured that we were the first luxury tour operator waiting at the gates to see the new look for ourselves. After a thorough tour of the resort, we sat down with the GM, Charles de Foucault, and Hotel Manager, Michele Giraudo, and asked them to share the story behind the renovation.

After closing in February 2017, the clock was ticking for a reopening date of 1st December the same year. Dealing with three different designers, the resort’s most appealing feature also proved its biggest challenge – how to transport in the new furniture and equipment to this secluded peninsula?

“We have set the bar pretty high to have the Saint Géran of tomorrow without losing [its] DNA”

– Charles de Foucault

Luckily, the hard work of the team helped them pull it all together. Keeping in mind the three generations of guests now visiting – parents, grandparents and grandchildren – much care was taken to retain the original character while still improving the experience for the better. New features include the brilliant La Pointe area, where there is a family pool, restaurant and beach bar, perfect for lazy days.

With the resort passing down through generations, the redesign work has perfectly balanced One&Only Resorts’ heritage and future – guests who first arrived as children are now celebrating their honeymoons in this iconic resort. Not only does the location continue to set the Saint Géran apart from the rest, but the dedication of the staff always makes the resort feel like home. The average length of service is an incredible 25 years, and over 300 existing staff members were kept on the payroll during the renovations to guarantee their passion and knowledge of the resort’s values would not be lost.

“The moment you pass through those gates you’ve got this feeling of ‘now I can relax’…we want to make sure we don’t lose that magic”

– Charles de Foucault

Elegant Resorts and One&Only Resorts have long been loyal partners in the luxury travel world, sharing values and understanding the importance of treating every client as the individual they are. Watch our video interview for the full rundown from the ground with Charles and Michele. For more, see our exclusive first look video or learn about the resort’s fabulous culinary offering when we met with the men behind the menus.

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