The pressure to surprise your would-be fiance needn’t cause you sleepless nights — simply entrust your big moment to the professionals and enlist the impressive skills of your luxury hotel concierge.

Seasoned professionals in the art of seamless service and surprise – with an impressive skill set and hospitality network to tap into – these well-observed wizards can transform your ‘popping the big question’ moment into an exquisite affair. When it comes to the question of marriage — whether it’s a dreamy beach location or striking city skyline that you have in mind — there are myriad special places to propose, and we can help you find them.

Amanjena, Marrakech
Amanjena, Marrakech

Set the perfect scene for a polished proposal

Beyond memorable, their crafted magic translates into orchestrated expertise and a story to tell for many years to come. A treasured dinner party tale for the future, a passionate recollection and blissful shared moment — this is an important question to pose. Whether you’re thinking of planning a fun-filled island treasure hunt (with sparkling ring embedded within a velvet-lined chest at the end), a romantic sandbank or lavish Bedouin tent proposal, or an Arabian Nights-styled affair, there is a scene to be set and an answer to be found. While not quite written in the sand or stars, your future fate can be given a luxurious helping hand!

Propose Marriage in Paradise

For those planning a very private proposal on a deserted sandbank,within the sublime MaldivesGili Lankanfushi may provide the answer. Alternatively, for a glittering moment, the cities of Venice, New York or Dubai offer stunning backdrops for sparking a serious conversation. For an exotic twist, the fragrant haven of Mandarin Oriental Marrakech has a perfumed rose garden guaranteed to seduce your senses, whilst Amangiri in Utah has a silent solace that will forever echo in the memory.

Celebrate in style

Once the question and Champagne have been elegantly popped, attention will inventively turn towards planning the ‘big day’ itself. For those keen to take their nuptials in a faraway land, there are a host of luxury resorts adept at creating idyllic beach weddings, with the promise of sparkling ocean backdrops and sunset ceremonies, or luxury city hotels offering lavish and glamorous social affairs. But, of course, it is the honeymoon planning that is an event in itself! The opportunity to create your ultimate touring trip, or attractive twin-centre stay, is the perfect complement (and, often, compromise!).

North Island, Seychelles
North Island in the Seychelles

Following The Proposal — Exotic Weddings and Honeymoons

From the popular city and beach combinations of Dubai and the Maldives, Bangkok and Koh Samui, and Miami and Turks & Caicos, to a safari and beach scenario, such as Sabi Sands and The Seychelles, or an adventurous tour of Asia or New Zealand, there is an itinerary to design and discoveries to share. For those seeking to simply relax and escape for a little beach bliss, heavenly honeymoons can be found across the globe — Australia, Barbados, French Polynesia and Zanzibar to name just a few. But, as always, we can only pose the question, as the decision is yours; and only you have the answer!


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