Exclusive to clients of Elegant Resorts, take a winning shot  for the Elegant Traveller Photography Competition and you could swoop the enviable prize of a three-night stay at Puente Romano Marbella. The prize includes return economy flights, plus the opportunity to see your winning photograph printed in the next edition of our Elegant Traveller magazine.

To enter, simply send up to three photos from your holiday to any resort or destination in the Elegant Resorts portfolio to Terms and conditions apply – please find out more by clicking below. 

Our Staff Photography Competition

As we celebrate Elegant Resorts’ 30th Birthday year, we asked our staff to share with us their favourite photographs they have taken on their travels.

Judged by award-winning filmmakers, Beverly and Dereck Joubert of Great Plains Conservation, see the winners of our staff competition, and be inspired to enter your best shot this year to share your travel story.

5th Place
Just seeing a "Spirit" or Kermode Bear in the Great Bear Rain Forest in Canada is such an incredible privilege as they are so rare. But to experience one catching salmon while we watched in anticipation was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!
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Caroline Beckett
Senior Product Manager
4th Place
We first saw this leopard on our way from the airstrip in Botswana, where it was hiding in a bush with a kill. By our third visit, it had finally emerged to relax in the sun. I could have stayed and watched it for hours - simply beautiful animals!
Find bucket list ideas with Elegant Traveller
Hayley Groves​
Senior Travel Consultant​

What the judges say…

“Both of these photographs do an excellent job of capturing wildlife in action. The shot of the bear is perfectly timed, capturing that moment when a predator’s hunt for food seemingly comes to fruition. But there is still a slight element of what happens next – is the fish definitely on the menu or does it manage to wriggle away and swim to safety? As for the leopard, getting this close is no easy achievement. The image is well-timed and we like the low angle that emphasises the leopard’s strength and elegance.”

3rd Place
The Twelve Apostles were part of the finale of my grand Australia tour and the entire Great Ocean Road highlighted the beauty that can be found in this inspiring country. The sun setting over the ocean and rock faces proved impossible to resist, with its natural light and colours, so even the most amateur photographer couldn't go wrong in the face of such perfection.
Tom Moore
Travel Consultant
2nd Place
We'd only one day spare to travel from Tokyo in order to see Mount Fuji, and when we arrived the weather was mixed with clouds covering the peak, though a short spell of great weather soon followed. This shot was a result of patience and good luck. Soon after I shot it, the clouds rolled in again, but we were happy and thanked our lucky Ema prayer board.
Paul Britchford
Senior Product Manager

What the judges say…

“These two landscape are simply stunning. In third place, the wonderful atmosphere of the Twelve Apsotles is painted with great rich colours; the sea breeze and salt spray is evident, as is the warmth of the sun’s rays. Our runner-up entry of Mount Fuji is very well exposed. To have a blue sky, blinding snow and vivid strong foreground colour is not easy to achieve. The colours are gorgeous and the juxtaposition of snow and bloom is lovely.”

The Winning Shot

1st Place
The photo was taken in the Ben Youssef Madrasa during a private walking tour of Marrakech, which is the perfect way to explore the city and learn about its history and culture. The Madrasa was once an Islamic college, named after the Almoravid sultan Ali ibn Yusuf, who expanded the city and its influence considerably. It is the largest madrasa in all of Morocco.
Lisa Groome
Product Manager - Villas, Ski and Cruise

What the judges say…

“This shot has good framing and texture, great soft light and perfect composition. The straight lines and symmetry focus the eye on the central subject while simultaneously contextualising the size and beauty of the building. It’s a beautiful shot and definitely a winner”

Elegant Traveller Photography Competition

Whether you discover a spectacular landscape, unique wildlife encounter or simply a moment that has a special place in your heart, send us your best shot and the story behind it to be in with the chance of being crowned Elegant Traveller’s photographer of the year. Read the terms and conditions below and send your entry to be a part.