“I want you to focus on the one thing you want to achieve today,” says our private yoga teacher as we sit cross-legged on our stunning sea view terrace at our villa in Mallorca.

I wanted to write this article; the lady to my left wanted to ride on the giant inflatable pink flamingo currently bobbing on our private heated pool; to my right, another lady wanted to have a massage treatment and the gentleman at the end wanted to try the recommended local bottle of red – called ‘N’ – which is currently sat in the sizeable guest wine rack.

As you may have gathered, we are all aiming high before breakfast! Once we have achieved these, we might move on to loftier aims – such as solving the North Korea farce (or the American President one, for that matter). But forgive us, because in this charming villa in Mallorca, a bolthole unlike any other, the real world seems a far-off place. It isn’t. A flight lasting just two hours and fifteen minutes gets you to the island, and a 40-minute transfer is all it takes to escape the world, allowing you to wake up hearing the sound of the waves meeting the rugged shoreline below and gentle breezes rustling the leaves of the trees that cover the hillside.

Very soon I wished I had focussed more on surviving the yoga, as we were gently (but firmly) put through our paces. Enjoyable as it was, breakfast was a welcome reward. A family-style set up meant everything you could want for breakfast was laid out the night before, so all we need do is make our Nespresso and squeeze our fresh orange juice, then simply indulge at our leisure. No one needs to change or freshen up after yoga, as there is no one else there to see us. You could come in your bathrobes and slippers if you wanted – it is very much your holiday and your villa in Mallorca.

Best of all, breakfast is all tidied away as if by magic by the daily housekeeping team, who arrive mid-morning to clean the villa, change the sheets and towels and generally tidy up. The gardeners come each morning to open your pool, while the chef and villa host both arrive late-morning to prepare lunch and ensure all is well. Lunches and dinners are prepared and served to you at the table by the team, who ensure your wine glass is never empty.

You can head to the kitchen anytime if you want a snack or to have a chat to the chef, but remember to leave room for the canapés, which are served at 7.30pm. There is a comprehensive wine collection of carefully selected local labels, champagne, spirits and soft drinks to choose from – all of which are included and yours to enjoy at your leisure, as well as with meals. Tonight, it is Mojito cocktails made by the team as an aperitif.

That’s the ultimate charm of this place; regardless of which of the three villas – spread out across the sprawling estate – you choose, the service is impeccable, but also relaxed and carefully managed to ensure you feel at home. The stay is perfectly tailored to meet your exact needs and wishes, from activities to dining; it is service when you want it, with the space to ensure you feel relaxed, so ultimately this villa in Mallorca feels like home, which is why so many people go back year-on-year.

“The stay is perfectly tailored to meet your needs and wishes”

After breakfast, we get on with the serious business of the day! A fifteen-minute stroll down to the pebbly beach, before we hit the pool to ride on the inflatable pink flamingo [tick] – I take the obligatory Instagram picture and help everyone to drinks from the fully stocked poolside fridge.

After a delicious, tapas-inspired, lunch prepared by the chef, the spa lady arrives and sets up on one of the outside terraces, allowing us to have massages [tick]. Inspired by the glass (or two) of very good blush we have had with lunch, I am inspired to put pen to paper [tick] and wax lyrical about the private motor boat trip we enjoyed yesterday along the dramatic west coast of Mallorca, where the mountainside provided the canvas for the iridescent greens of the pine forests that covered them.

After a swim in a couple of different spots, we pulled into a bustling cove, and, like celebrities, jumped onto the jetty that took us straight up to Ca’s Patró March, the famous water’s edge restaurant that was featured in the hit BBC drama series, ‘The Night Manager’. Do book in advance (or get your skipper to) or you’ll be turned away, as the food certainly lives up to the fame and the setting is even more beautiful than it appeared on the screen.

“And that really is the whole ethos at Son Bunyola. It is a place for families and friends to come together.”

Last, but by no means least, we pop the cork on a bottle of full-bodied ‘N’, taken from the limitless supply of wine in the wine rack [tick], after we’ve returned from dining out at Restaurante Sebastián, in delightful Deiá, on the chef’s one night off of the week. The thirty-minute transfer is certainly worth it, as we were treated to edible art creations and more great local wine.

We all head to our respective, perfectly appointed, bedrooms, happy at the end of the day that each and every achievement has been met. And that really is the whole ethos at Son Bunyola. It is a place for families and friends to come together and have a great time doing as much or as little as they want, effortlessly aided and looked after by the highly trained and passionate staff. It is just as our chef said when we thanked her for our terrific three-course dinner; “It was made with love”. And it shows.

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There are two villas that make up the Son Bunyola estate, Sa Punta De S’Aguila and Sa Terra Rotja. For more information, or to find your luxury villa in Mallorca, please call our expert Travel Consultants on 01244 897 578 or visit elegantresorts.co.uk.