As we announce our first Elegant Traveller Photography Competition, open exclusively to clients of Elegant Resorts, we decided to share some of our best photography tips for successfully snapping the best holiday memories.

These days, photography is more accessible than ever. With high-pixel camera’s small enough to be squeezed into our pockets or on the back of a phone, we can capture otherwise fleeting moments, instantly. However, this is not to say the art of taking the perfect picture is lost. There are plenty of simple tips to keep in mind, whether you are shooting on a camera that cost £50 or £500.

Take a look at our Top 5 Tips for taking winning photographs on your Elegant Resorts luxury holiday this year and enter our competition to be in with the chance of taking the grand prize. 

1. Find Your Perspective

Look for unique angles, such as carefully climbing high above your subjects or getting the camera low to the ground, for a more unique perspective.

You can also capture great expressions or moments when your subject isn’t aware that the camera is pointed at them.

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2. Use the Rule of Thirds

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The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is a fundamental rule of composition. Imagine your frame is divided into nine equal sections and place your subject just off centre, where the middle corners intersect. This is an easy way to take eye-catching pictures that make the most of the space in your frame.

3. Learn Your Colour Settings

Get to know the colour profile on your digital camera, which will help you achieve a perfect white balance, and adjust your image’s tone to suit the mood of your scene. There may be a number of pre-sets, too, such as ‘standard’ and ‘vivid’, plus customisation options to tailor your requirements.

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4. Get Your Exposure Right

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A correctly exposed image is one that feels just bright enough to ensure the shadows and highlights appear most natural to the eye.

In theory, your photograph should lose no highlights or shadows in the process, making it as close to real-life as possible.

5. Hold steady

Ensuring you are holding your camera steady allows you to capture as much light as possible, while avoiding any blurring caused by shaky hands.

When shooting handheld, try to hold your phone or camera in both hands or, if you can, stabilize it with a stand or tripod.

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Please read the terms and conditions before sending your entry. Find out more on our Competition Page.