No matter your starting point or your destination, the ocean is fundamental to travel. Whether you are a PADI-certified diver, sailing the high seas on a luxury cruise or simply admiring the blue expanse from your plane window, our oceans play an important role and hold a wealth of life, some still yet to be discovered.

As we celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June, designed to inspire the world to come together in protecting and preserving the ocean, we are shining the light on Six Senses Laamu, one of our featured resorts playing their role in protecting the world’s waters.

Six Senses Laamu

Leaders in Marine Conservation

With the largest marine team of its kind in the Maldives, a commitment to conservation, environmental responsibility and local culture is embedded in the philosophy of Six Senses Laamu. Ten regular marine biologists have expertise in fields such as coral restoration, turtles, manta rays, seagrass and fisheries management, providing all-round support for the surrounding environment. The resort has boldly pledged to protect 50,000-square-metres of seagrass, carry out vital turtle research and identification, and to encourage nearby atolls to join them on their conservation journey.

Six Senses Laamu Marine TeamEco Codes of Conduct

Six Senses Laamu became a trendsetter in 2013 by introducing an ethical ‘dolphin-watching code of conduct’ which has been widely adopted across the Maldives. With pointers including keeping at least 50 metres away from the dolphins, not approaching the animals head-on and not separating mothers from their calves, the resort is keen to encourage sustainable eco-tourism that is equally enjoyable for both travellers and animals. Following their success, the resort has proceeded to introduce both a turtle and manta ray code of conduct, providing safe and sustainable guidelines for interacting with these magnificent animals.

Junior Marine Biologist

This summer, the Marine Biology Team are inviting children aged 6 to 16 to join their Junior Marine Biologist programme. From helping with ongoing research projects, including restoring the coral reef, to understanding the effects of plastic pollution, the programme provides one-to-one mentoring with an expert Marine Biologist. General Manager, Marteyne van Well, said “This program is truly unique. Unlike anything I’ve seen in the Maldives, it’s more than just a ‘be a marine biologist for a day’ experience. This is multiple sessions over the length of a guest’s stay that will help foster deeper engagement and understanding of marine biology.” Not only committed to supporting the environment today, Six Senses are empowering the Marine Biologists of the future.

Feeling Inspired?

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